Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cleaner Air

As I'm typing this I'm often glancing up to see my Christmas tree.  It actually helped me recall that I said I would write a post about air cleaning plants. 

I've read quite a few different articles and blog posts on the subject, and don't think I can do much better.  What I will do, is put a link to my favourite one, and let you take it from there.

I also just wanted to let you know what my Hubby and I did.

We got a cutting of a spider plant from my mother-in-law and propagated it in a glass of water until there were a few hardy roots that we could put in a lovely planter.

We also revived a money (or jade) tree that we had accidentally mostly killed.  My Husband took a chance and took the one leaf that still looked healthy and put it on a plat of water. Within three weeks, roots sprouted! Now, a few months later, we have quite the little plant again!

Another thing I do is regularly dust of the leaves with just water when I'm watering the plants, or with a damp cloth if the plants don't need a good soaking.  Dusting the plants helps them absorb the chemicals that you want to rid your air of.

If you don't want to read any other articles or posts about plants: my brief advice: buy ivy and take care of it, and you'll have easier to breathe air!

Something I've wanted to do for a long time, but haven't because of the cost and our being in constant transition  is buying an air purifier.  When I was little we had two in our house.  Apparently, I and my mother had horrible dust allergies. While I don't suffer from the allergies anymore, I do remember how much better I felt when those machines were running.  I'm sure that they've improved in the last 15 years, too.   Maybe when we're in a house for more than two years I'll get one.

Oh, before I forget, here's my favourite house plant article : click here

Hope this helps you find some great plants for your house!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Becoming Normal

When I first started this blog the entire idea of non-toxic living or even the beginning steps to such a journey seemed radical to me. 

It's insane what just a few months can do to your perspective.

Though my husband and I are still on the lookout for more steps we can take to become more toxin free, our life and choices don't seem so different anymore.

All of the soap in our house is soap, not detergent (though we do have a bottle of dish detergent that gets switched back and forth from soap to detergent depending on who went grocery shopping last).

There is only shampoo/conditioner in our guest shower. (I do have a hair soap that I call shampoo, if that counts, sorry)

We use Norwex products to clean our house, so very minimal cleaning solutions or sprays. Mostly just water or vinegar. Occasionally my husband breaks out the lysol wipes when there's been a bad sickness in the house - he feels like it gets rid of the germs faster.  I don't know if I agree, but hey, if he's cleaning up puke, I won't argue!

We have three more house plants that clean the air (I'll do a post on plants soon!)

We've been buying organic milk whenever it is available at our local grocery store(s). This one was a bigger decision when we made it - it was almost triple the price than regular milk in a few different places that we looked.  When we found it in our local store in the natural food aisle it was less than double! It tastes much better, and I really do like it better.

Reading labels of cosmetics or even food products comes naturally, as does what to look for.  It is not as stressful anymore making decisions and then coming home and looking up the product to realize it wasn't all that grand in the first place.

Green and pink washing are lost on us now. We actually look past the packaging to the ingredients list, and sometimes even company practices.

Our drinking water is uber filtered. - Nothing gets through our filter except water.

The list could go on.  Like I was saying, at the beginning of this, all of the above seemed crazy, stressful, and even a little bit extreme. As we continue on, some of our next choices WILL have to be more radical, like getting rid of plastics from our home or building vertical gardens (which would have to wait until we move).

I've enjoyed this learning process.  Where are you in the journey?